Investment Risk Warning

When investing in a crowdfunding platform, understanding the risks involved is crucial. Investment risk warning provides important information for investors to make informed decisions. Here are some key points about investment risk warnings:

Financial Risk

Startups and small businesses may be particularly risky investments because they may not have a proven track record of generating revenue or profits

Rarity of Dividends

Startups are typically focused on growth and reinvesting profits into the business, rather than paying dividends to shareholders. As a result, investors in startups should not expect regular or consistent dividend payments, and there is a risk that dividends may not be paid at all

Regulatory and Legal

Startups may face regulatory and legal challenges, such as compliance with industry-specific regulations, intellectual property disputes, and data privacy concerns


Investments made through crowdfunding platforms are typically illiquid, meaning that investors may not be able to sell their shares easily or at all


Investors should be aware of dilution risk and carefully evaluate a startup’s funding plans before investing. It is essential to understand how the startup plans to use the funds raised, how much it intends to raise, and how this will impact the ownership structure of the company.